Search Engine Submission (SES)

What is Search Engine Submission and how can it Help?

Search Engine Submission (SES) is the process of submitting a URL (“domain name”) to the search engines and directories for inclusion into the search engines database. Search engines are the most-used source that people use when searching for products or services online. This is also the most cost effective median of online marketing because the vast majority of Internet users use search engines to find what they are searching for online. A one time submission service is if it is a new domain name, if the domain name is being transferred to Link Worx Seo or you have made numerous changes to the website’s structure and you’re trying to force the website to be indexed. Important (submitting for faster indexing could have a negative adverse affects) and is not recommended.

As long as you have submitted at least once and built inbound links on other websites that are of “follow” you will eventually be indexed by the major search engines. This is also another reason some optimizers say content is “King” because fresh new content brings back the crawlers and reports those changes back to the search engines, which in turn gets the website indexed again. Other ways to be indexed are by having link’s from other website’s of “follow” links or you have created new content on your website and it has a sitemap.xml file created scheduling the crawler to come back.

Search Engine Submission

If you are at a disagreement with this information, one fact is that most companies offering these kinds of services say to submit your website about every 45 day’s for re-indexing. This is because some companies offering search engine submission services have said you will be purged from the databases every 30 day’s and that is why you should resubmit at least once every 45 day’s. This not true for the four major search engines which will be the primary source of traffic to the website. This has been an on going dispute in the SEO industry for years and still continues to gain lots of attention amongst SEO professionals. There is no clear and concise answer for the other search engines and probably never will be a correct answer for the other search engines. This is the main purpose of the 45 day recommendation, but no more than once a month. This allows the other non-major search engines to keep you listed in those search engine directories.

Our Search Engine Submission Service Options:

Submission of a new domain name Submission of a new domain name
When transferring of a domain name When transferring of a domain name
After major structure changes to a website After major structure changes to a website
Generating a sitemap.xml Generating a sitemap.xml
Creation of a robots.txt file Creation of a robots.txt file
Webmaster tools creation and monitoring Webmaster tools creation and monitoring

What is 2,082 + 1 ?
Search Engine Submission Guideline’s

How long should your company wait before re-submitting your website to the search engines?

You should not submit your website more than once a month and it can take as long as a few months to actually be listed by the search engines. Usually it takes about a day to be listed but it is very dependent on the search engine on how long it can take. Other search engine submissions services say it is important to submit your site monthly. It is really just a sales gimmick, there is no point in submitting your site on a monthly basis.

The major search engines will visit your site to check for new or updated content on a scheduled basis. Once your website is listed in the search engine databases it will remain listed unless you do something that is regarded as spam by the search engines. If a search engine submission service submits your url to a human edited directory every month and the site has not changed significantly it possible the editor of the directory will ban your site permanently because of the extra work load caused by thousands of other sites also using monthly automated search engine submissions. If you would like to get your business started in the right direction at next to no cost, contact Link Worx Seo to find out what we can do for you.

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